「What Was Mattingly Doing?」
Does anyone realize how many Dodgers are on the DL right now? Hanley Ramirez, who just came back from the DL from thumb surgery cheap jersey, just went back on the DL for a hamstring injury after 3 days of being back. They lost Mark Ellis to a groin strain, Zack Greinke to a fractured collarbone, Adrian Gonzalez is day-to-day, and Jerry Hairston is out indefinitely.

That's not including half the pitching staff. If the Dodgers cheap jerseys sale were healthy, they'd probably be a force to be reckoned with. This is the first season that Mattingly finally has something to work with, and most of his guys are injured. I support Mattingly! In the past 10 years the Dodgers have been through about a million managers cheap baseball jerseys, how can anyone expect to turn around a franchise when its a constant revolving door at the manager position?

Mike looks like a perfect match to manage the Dodgers, but there is no waaaay, that Ned will give Lee or Ryu to the Angels. angeles jersey Players win games. Managers just put things together. Besides, there are other options around like Ozzie Guillen or Charlie Manuel and Ron Gardenhire who contracts expire next year.

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